see Jesus, do radical, become love

Recently while at a church service during the final song, the Holy Spirit spoke to me… “The women over there has pain in her left foot.” I was amazed as faith began to rise in my heart and spirit. I was thinking about the service, the final song and allowing my heart to find its rest in Gods presence.

The Holy Spirit was thinking about a women in pain.

Friends, God is real, kind and humble. He is deeply passionate about people and actively looking to love and perfect them in Christ.  His Spirit is looking for people to partner with. By the purchase of Jesus, God has given you everything pertaining to life and godliness and blessed you with every spiritual blessing. The Spirit of God is inviting you to step into your identity as a Child of God and become love manifested. Be the kind of person that partners, listens and acts when the Spirit whispers.  We often think, “what would happen if the Spirit showed up?” I wonder if God thinks, “what would happen if my children showed up?”

I believe God eagerly awaits for us to ‘grasp who we are in Christ.’

That day, during the church service I prayed for that women (who is a friend.) Her foot was indeed in pain and had been for some time. By the kindness and mercy of God she was healed and is to this day, pain free.

The reality is this, Jesus lives in His Church. He lives in me and He lives in You. This relationship is not based on feeling but in truth. Truth that finds its expression by grace and it’s foundation in Christ. We learn to hear and respond to God best when we understand that He lives us, we can see Jesus, do what He did (radical obedience) and become love and He is love.

see Jesus, do radical, become love.

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