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Compatible with God

Why its ‘right’ to identify as a Saint

The basis of all Christian life, prayer and mission is founded on the finished work of Jesus. We truly learn to live, pray and serve when we understand that we are indeed, new creations in Christ.

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“God desires relationship that is compatible and kindred to His own likeness, holiness and righteousness. God interacts face to face with people who share His likeness and righteousness. Those who have been born again in Jesus, share His likeness.”


“May we not deceive ourselves, imagining that sinning is inevitable

for a Christian, I think no thought hurts our Lord

more than this.” ~ Watchman Nee

Praying Scripture

by Adam Shepski | Ukraine YFC prayer training (edited without translation)

Many of us separate our bible reading and prayer times. In this short edited clip I explain how I use and pray scripture to strengthen myself in truth and God’s presence.

In April 2017, I traveled to Ukraine to visit my friends and missionaries with Youth for Christ. Here is a short (6 min) clip of the prayer training we hosted with the YFC team in Ukraine.

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