Some years ago I traveled to Redding California, to visit friends who attended Bethel Church’s ministry school. My friends had planted a small house church, weekly prayer walk (featured image of my friends praying for their neighborhood) and various outreach events in one of the worst ghetto’s in Redding  Over the period of 2 years they (by the Chief of Police and Mayor’s admission) this small house churches efforts saw the crime rate drop by 50%! This included gangs leaving, domestic disputes stopping, drugs beginning to dry up, people receiving Jesus, healed and being discipled.

While on the weekly prayer walk, I saw people physically healed by the prayers of these believers.  One man was completely delivered from a spirit and received Jesus.  I watched in amazement as this man got born again in Christ, when moments before a demonic spirit would take control of him and literally talk through him.

In this “ghetto,” during prayer walk I inquired of the Lord, “Father, why are these incredible things happening here?”

He responded, “They invited me.”

I knew what He meant. My friends hadn’t pursued a program, a speaker, or a ministry but they invited the person of the Holy Spirit.  They had become and began to live the mystery of the Gospel, that is “Christ in You,” Jesus himself living through you/me.

I realized that the ministry of our faith is not a program but a person. We host the very presence and person of God who is able and is the same as He revealed himself to be in Christ. This Person instructed us to pray, “your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”and as my friends learned to pray and live this prayer (walk in loving obedience and courage to follow the Spirits whispers), Heaven invaded with such a prevalent peace that the crime rate was reduced. My friends had partnered with Heaven.

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” ~ Romans 16:20
Your ultimate calling is not to produce a ministry but invite and host a Person. This Person is the gift of prayer. This person (the Holy Spirit) has promised to come by faith and in prayer. Your prayer life is activated and effective by faith in the promise of Jesus who said the Father will give you the Spirit.

“…how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” ~ Luke 11:13

Invite God, host the Spirit, partner with Heaven and TRANSFORM YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

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