Last week, something amazing happened. While praying with some friends in Peterborough, the Holy Spirit showed me a specific picture of girl with blonde hair and glasses. I asked Him where she was and He told me that she was at the bus terminal in Peterborough. I wrote the details down on my hand so I wouldn’t forget lol. Cassie Landon and I walked around a bit and prayed for some people and when we arrived at the bus terminal, there was a blonde girl with glasses. We talked with her, Cassie Landon prayed for her and I showed her the details I wrote down on my hand. She was amazed that God had told us about her and was thinking about her. Much more happened, but I will keep those details, less to say, she had freedom to ‘hope’ again!

Although she wasn’t ready to trust Jesus with her life that night, she encountered God’s love, power and presence! A seed of the Gospel and the care of God was planted in the soil of her heart

God holds this girl in His heart. He was specifically thinking about her and He knows her. When seeking God’s heart in prayer, I found her in His heart and He directed us to her! WOW!

I am sharing this to invite you (myself as well) to say ‘yes’ to Jesus and His love for people. Today, I want to yield to His leading so that more people would know Him.

God knows you, your neighbour, your family and He knows the stranger you may pass. May His love and His boldness be ours today/everyday.


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